ProJet 6000 & 7000

New SLA machine. Now you can make truely accurate parts in production materials – In House!


- SLA Results in a fraction of the time and expenseProJet 7000

- Unmatched accuracy and precision from ANY 3D printer

- Range of material choices that PERFORM, not pretend

- Fastest build speeds in professional duty 3D printing

- Powerful software tools to tackle even the toughest geometries and applications

- Designed for in-house printing of SLA quality parts

- Faster turnaround saves time

- Lower part cost compared to outsourcing to service bureaus

- SLA accuracy, precision & performance

- Lower service & maintenance cost versus traditional SLA

- Lower cost of ownership for in-house printing

- Do not need to run 24/7 to keep allocated maintenance cost per part low

- Materials packaged in 2.0 litre cartridges for economical price levels for in-house printing


SLA Parts