ProJet 5500

ProJet 5500X

Print highly accurate multi-material composites in plastic, rubber and clear, using the latest Multi Jet Printing technology. The ProJet 5500 prints layer by layer at pixel level in a variety of colors and shades including opaque, clear, black or white and numerous shades of grey.

- Have more material options – Print the precise variety of engineered plastic or rubber you need, no assembly required.

- Make quality, exact parts – Produce the most detailed, most accurate multi-material parts with superior strength,

stability and temperature performance.

- Fit your part size requirements – High throughput to quickly print a large variety of small or big precision parts.

- Increase productivity – The ProJet 5500X features fast build speeds, ease of use, and hands-free post processing, all at lower cost of ownership.

- Vary tone and clearness – Print stunning clear parts as well as parts in white, black and select shades of grey.


Build Volume (xyz) -533 x 381 x 300 mm

Projet 5500 camera

29 micron layersResolution up to (xyz) – 750 x 750 x 890 DPI

Build Materials – VisiJet® CR-CL Rigid Plastic Material – Clear

- VisiJet® CF – BKRigid Plastic Material – Black

- VisiJet® CR-WT Rigid Plastic Material – White

Support Material – VisiJet® S500 Support Material

ProJet Accelerator Software – Easy build job set-up, submission and job queue management;

Automatic part placement and build optimisation tools;

Part stacking and nesting capability; Extensive part editing tools; Automatic support generation; Job statistics reporting tools


Projet 5550 rubber

ProJet 5500 X Clear part